Cornerstone Minerals


Cornerstone Minerals is one of my longest running clients and I’ve been working for them in some capacity for several years. Our projects have been wide ranging and include business cards, fliers, magazine and newspaper advertisements, photography, trade show banners, and branding development.

This year, they asked me to finally go ahead and revamp their original logo design. The old logo was fairly problematic to use in many situations: it was complicated, awkwardly proportioned, and very hard to place into print and web layouts (the above example should demonstrate its spacing issues). The final redesigned version keeps the substance of the original, but is much cleaner and significantly easier to incorporate in other designs.

Below are some recent print projects I’ve completed for Cornerstone, including a new business card featuring a birthstone chart on the back and a 4×6 promotional handbill announcing their new Charleston, SC location. These items benefit from the updated logo design’s more reasonable proportions and straightforward approach. The handbill features some of my illustrative work.

Service(s): Collateral, Illustration, Logo
Client: Cornerstone Minerals

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